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Ingersoll-Rand ST599

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  • Low Pressure: Designed for Max Pressure of 90PSI
  • Engaement Type: Pre-engaged
  • Powerful 44 hp turbine motor uses no external lubrication
  • Steel insert at inlet ensures a solid connection
  • Smooth pre-engagement piston minimizes ring gear wear
  • Sealed, oil lubricated planetary gears provide maintenance-free operationSealed for use in gas and air applications
  • For use with air only
  • 4 inlet, 4 exhaust, and 16 drive housing orientations
  • Left- or right-hand rotation
  • Optional pinions and flanges to fit most any engine


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Performance Information

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  • ST599F01R895
  • ST599F03L25
  • ST599F03R25
  • ST599F03R31
  • ST599F03R83
  • ST599F03R87
  • ST599F03R893
  • ST599F24R893

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