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Ingersoll-Rand SS100 Series Air Starter

February 5th, 2016

The newest air starter series available from Ingersoll Rand, the SS100 is a small frame starter uniquely suited to the complexity and demands of smaller engines. Designed to fit a wide-variety of different engine types and the small working-space common to small engine applications, the SS100 engineering stresses versatility through flexible mounting options, a highly configurable framework that allows each section of the starter to be easily rotated, and an extremely short drive housing that allows it to fit in the tightest spaces. This versatility results in reduced installation time, complexity, and cost.

The SS100 blends the time-tested reliability of the vane motor common to many of the Ingersoll Rand air starter series with improved technology that eliminates the need to lube the vanes. The lube-free vane motor decreases the amount of time customers have to spend on maintaining normal operation and rids the engine room of messy and frequently regulated oils, improving safety and providing environmental value.

Ingersoll-Rand SS100 Small Engine Air Starter Diagram and Features

Starting reliability equates to the customer being able to start every time, on demand. The Ingersoll Rand SS100 series is an excellent option for small engine applications that can provide the consistency that leads to greater returns and increased profits.

Ingersoll-Rand SS100 Performance Specs

The SS100 was designed to be a replacement and upgrade for the 3BM, 5BM, and SS175 series Ingersoll Rand air starters. Cardinal Valley can help advise on how transitioning to the SS100 series can consolidate and simplify your inventory!

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